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Police Fleet Online.com's Home Page - the starting place for the information you need to find a great, refurbished police vehicle. Click Here to view samples of our used police vehicles - some of the safest, most affordable cars on the road. Find out how our refurbished police cars can be the perfect units to build or replace your government or municipal fleet. We have all the equipment you need to outfit your used police vehicle at Wild Rose Police Interceptors: Sirens, Light Bars, Mirrors, Spot Lights, Bumpers. Find out more about Wild Rose Police Interceptors: like why we are so passionate about getting you behind the wheel of a safe, reliable, affordable refurbished police vehicle. See how happy our customers are when we help them find the perfect, safe, reliable police vehicle. Learn how Wild Rose Police Interceptors can help you get the best financing for your personal vehicle or your government or municipal fleet. Find out about our business partners who help us provide you with great services and information on used police cars.

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Here are some of our vehicles that we have refurbished for the Town of Paradise. This police department had a great bunch of people to work for and there town really has a touch of paradise about it.

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See how happy our customers are when we help them find the perfect safe, reliable police vehicle...


Wild Rose Motors, Ltd - Police Interceptors (WRML) is your One Stop Shop for all your municipality fleets needs!

We provide the following services:

Municipality Finance Leasing (with Very Reasonable Rates)
Fleet Refurbishing Programs
Fleet Upgrades & Maintenance Programs
Equipment Upgrades & Installation

Wild Rose Motors, Ltd, with over 35 years of experience, can refurbish any police vehicle on your fleet and provide your municipality or department with a low payment (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually & annually) that will fit your budget.
WRML is your One Stop Shop! No need in dealing with 3-5 different companies to service your fleet of vehicles (ie: painting/refurbishing/equipment upgrades/etc.) We will provide ALL the services required at a low payment plan set up just for Municipalities!

We are offering a special program to municipalities!
What does this mean for the customer/municipality?

It means that you can have an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade/update your agency's fleet of vehicles without breaking the budget. By using WRM's optional leasing program, you can have a fleet on the road and still only pay for it at the end of the quarter! No upfront costs to your municipality! We take care of everything! We are your One Stop Shop. Our leasing option has many tax advantages for municipalities that participate in our program.

With ZERO UPFRONT COSTS, your municipality can be using the vehicles before your payment begins on the lease. We can bill you monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually, allowing for a much greater flexibility level within your spending budget, and write it off! There are perks for municipalities that participate in such leasing payment programs. Ask your tax professional. With the option of leasing payments, your fleet can have equipment upgrades & installation, servicing, fleet upgrading & maintenance program.

Wild Rose Motors, Ltd understands that everyone's on a budget & during these times of uncertainty, WRML is proud to announce it's newest Municipality Leasing Program. By participating in our Municipality Leasing Program, your department is able to avoid pre-paying for fleets and equipment upgrades and installation, Wild Rose Motors, Ltd offers payment for all of the services offered by our company in the form of monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. We can identify your needs and work with you and your departments' budget to assure that your experience with WRML is beyond compare. Wild Rose Motors, Ltd advocates for your municipalities needs, providing your department with the highest quality service and workmanship available. We take pride in our work and our number one concern is to keep your men and women safe on the road & providing the safest and most reliable vehicle to ensure that!

If there's a service or special equipment that your municipality requires, please call us and we can give you a quote. We are your One Stop Shop! We provide various Refurbishing Package Deals to Municipalities/Departments/Corporations. Wild Rose Motors, Ltd - Police Interceptors is prepared to facilitate any of your municipalities needs.

Please contact us so that we can get started on a quote for your municipality.

We're a phone call away!
(714) 417-1297
Visit us Online www.policecarrefurbishing.com

Ask Seton Montgomerie about Wild Rose Motors Refurbishing Programs, Leasing Programs, In-Car and Body Worn Police Video Camera Systems, Etc.

We aim to please at Wild Rose Motors, Ltd, our team of professionals will walk you through each step of the process.

We look forward to doing business with your Municipality.

Best Regards,

Seton Montgomerie
General Manager
Wild Rose Motors, Ltd - Police Interceptors


We are a family owned and operated company that provides safe, reliable vehicles for the general public and law enforcement community, that stimulates our local economy by putting Americans to work, utilizing neighboring businesses and using American made products.


There has been several thousands of dollars taken off of our fleet!!
As if they weren't extremely affordable before!

Bad Credit??
We can finance prime, and now *sub-prime* !!!
Help us help you rebuild your credit!!**

If your were one of our previous customers who did not qualify because of a low credit score, please try again!!

**Only applicable to currently employed CA residents**
Throughout the United States, wherever you are we can help you find and finance your government or municipal fleet of used police vehicles.
We can help you find and finance your government or municipal fleet of used police vehicles - click on the Contact button to let us know what you need.
Throughout the United States, wherever you are we can help you find and finance your government or municipal fleet of used police vehicles.


Our Vehicles are Fully Serviced!


Don't like black and White? We will paint!

Check out more photos and details of these available vehicles and more in our inventory!

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