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Wild Rose Motors Ltd is Proud to Announce New Dealer Status for Martel Electronics.

February, 2012 Anaheim, CA


Wild Rose Motors Ltd - Police Interceptors is proud to announce they are now an authorized dealer for Martel Electronics,
covering the Northwest, including California, Nevada, and Arizona.
Martel Electronics is the World's Largest Manufacturer of Police Digital
 In-car mobile video systems and has customers in over 39 countries.
Martel  has more than 55 years of industry experience, backed by
high-quality products and a sterling reputation. The firm provides
clients with state-of-the-art  systems that were designed for the
military and built to withstand Temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit to 190+
 Fahrenheit without a heater or cooling fans.

We offer a 30 Day Free Trial

The DC3 In-Car Video Camera System

The Vid-Shield

We are an authorized Martel Electronics Dealer


Questions you should ask before you buy a Police Body Camera

  1.  Does your Police body camera record in HD 1080P?
  2.  Can your body Police camera shoot 12 Mega pixel photos?
  3.  Does your Police body worn camera have time/date stamp embedded in the video
  4.  Do you have night vision on the body wearable camera?
  5.  Does your Police body wearable video camera have officer unique identification ability? 
  6.  Is your law enforcement body camera water resistant and sealed?
  7.  Does your body camera for Police Military grade and can it be dropped?
  8.  Does your law enforcement officer camera have a sound recorder built right in?
  9.  How long has your business been in business?
  10.  How much does your body worn Police video camera weigh? 



When you buy a Martel Electronics Vid-Shield Police Body Camera:

  1.    Your Police body camera records in HD 1080P.
  2.    Your  body Police camera shoots 12 Mega pixel photos.
  3.    Your Police body worn camera has the time and date embedded in the video.
  4.    You have night vision on your Vid-Shield body wearable camera.
  5.    Your Police body wearable camera has officer unique identification embedded in the video.
  6.    Your law enforcement body camera is water resistant and sealed.
  7.    Your Vid-Shield body camera is Military grade and can be dropped.
  8.    Your law enforcement officer video camera has a sound recorder built right in.
  9.    Martel Electronics has been in business for 55 years, here in the Unites States.
  10.  Your Vid-Shield body worn Police video camera weighs 2 ounces! 

The police motorcycle camera system DVR was designed from the ground up to be the most rugged, reliable video system in the world. The system is controlled by a touch screen that is water proof. The front camera is a color during the day and night vision camera at night time. The wireless 2.4hhz police microphone system is built into the touch screen. The DC3M is designed for harsh conditions such as rain, heat and dust. Designed for installations on all motorcycle manufacturers. It also is made to put on boats, electric carts, ATVs any other types of vehicles law enforcement agencies are currently equipping. One of the most critical features is that it is Military 810G Grade. It can also be equipped to automatically wireless video download/transfer video from the motorcycle to the wifi network at your station. So whether you have cars or motorcycles Martel has a video system for your law enforcement agency. DC3M Motorcycle/Boat Video Camera system
• Solid State records directly to SDHC memory cards.
• 5.0 Inch touch screen waterproof/ • External Waterproof Color Camera during the Day Night Vision at Night
• Saves Detailed Metadata (Marked Events, Date/Time, Users, Event, Optional drivers license scanner worlds only for police car cameras, & More)
• Integrated wireless uploading/downloading video transferring capabilities
• Pre-Event Recording & Auto-Record Trigger
• Mark Button to Flag Important Events/ 10 pre entered events i.e. Drunk Driving, wanted suspect
• Police Motorcycle Camera wireless microphone system 2.4GHz Wireless Mic
• Firmware Upgradeable
• Perfect Back Office Video Management Software Options without user fees.
• Perfect for every police department small or large.


Whelen Sirens
We have a wide selection of sirens, protective equipment and other accessories to outfit your used police cruiser.  We have a wide selection of sirens, protective equipment and other accessories to outfit your used police cruiser.
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